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Comments from Teachers and Professionals:

"I was impressed with the reeds you sent me. I have let students use them and they are getting great tones with them and like them a lot. I gave them your card and told them to buy from you.

Thanks again, Amy"

                                Amy Hinson
                                   Middle school Band Director
                                   Wilmington, NC
                                 Virgo Middle School Band Site
                                   A resource for non-oboe band directors


"I have been using your oboe cane for a few years. Thanks for the research and consistency in your cane. My students are actually able to do their own reeds now (using your cane) which work  much better than the other marketed reeds. I teach levels 7 through 9 and use your cane with the students in this age. (I also use it consistently myself - as a working doubler it saves me tons of time and actually gives me great results). I would also add that I am teaching music ed students at Utah State University. To pass the class they not only have to play a basic level but have to be able to tie their own reeds using your cane. I then show them the tricks to finishing it up using the measurements and other research that I've done to make them actually into quite consistent reeds with not a lot of work. With this approach, I am convinced that music educators could easily learn to make reeds for their students and ultimately teach their students to do the same. Through doing this I give them a bit of a head start as they go into the field.

                                Dr. Greg Wheeler, PHD
                                  "You're only as good as your reed."


"Profiled, graded oboe cane, from Bill Roscoe. is the best kept secret since sliced bread. Every oboist with a studio full of students should give this a try. I was at first skeptical, and then delighted to find that reeds made from profiled cane play well, sound great and can be made in five minutes! There are 12 graded strengths to choose from,  grades 6-10 being the most frequently requested. I myself have used reeds made from grade 9 and 10 with great pleasure. I am ecstatic to spend less time at the reed desk. Who wouldn't be?!"

                                                       Tamara Field,
                           free lance oboist and teacher in Springfield Massachusetts.


"My students at contest received consistently high marks in the areas of tone and intonation. We all credit you and your hard work to help us for our success. My students and I continue to be most grateful for all you are doing to provide us with outstanding profiled cane! THANK-YOU!"

                                                       Larry D. Allen,
                               University oboe instructor, Valparaiso, Indiana


"The cane is exceptionally easy to work with and is very forgiving of imperfections that might result in a waste basket candidate for other cane. What I continue to like more than anything, though, is the rich, lush tone this cane produces. Moving from grade 7 to grade 9 results in a progressively brighter sound overall, but that great underlying tone quality is never lost."

                                                        Gene Carter
                                Professional oboist, Leonardtown, Maryland


"Have you considered selling profiled English horn cane? I think many of us who play English horn would really benefit from the availability of your excellent profiled cane. I tell every oboist I meet about your fine products." 

                                                         Jim Fish

                                                 Woodland, California


"I use profiled cane to teach all my students, because they can learn to tie and finish reeds seperate from the other, more difficult steps. This gives them much more confidence in their approach to reedmaking, and your cane has been a huge help! 

                                                      Beth Ludema

                                                      Layton, Utah





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