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Cheryl Wefler Cheryl has recently published the only specifically dedicated(and well received) book devoted entirely to reed adjustment. It is called "PRINCIPLES AND TECHNIQUES OF OBOE REED ADJUSTMENT" 541 517-7488. (See also below)

Brian Moses Brian has one of the most complete lists of double reed resources at this site at the University of Kentucky. On the right hand page click on BDRP Double Reed Suppliers.

BRENDA SHUMAN-POST  Oboes of the World

ANOTHER BASSOON INFO SOURCE  A fabulous source of information for bassoonists created by Truman Harris who plays bassoon with the Washington National Symphony in Washington D. C.

Amy Hinson Amy is an oboist and middle school band director in Wilmington, NC. Her site is a resource for non-oboe band directors.

The British Double Reed Society

Midsouth Double Reed Society

Australian Double Reed Society  


Paul Sherman If you live in Erwin or Johnson City, Tennessee, and need computer help, Paul Sherman is the man to see. He is knowledgeable, prompt and his prices are reasonable. Phone 423-218-6670. 

Larry Mueller Instrument Repair Larry and his wife, Cynthia have recently moved from San Antonia, Texas to Kingsport, Tennessee. He is an oboist and an instrument repair man specializing in oboe, English Horn and Woodwinds. Visit his website.

Fabrice Rousson Fabrice is a professional oboist and has invented "the cane Guide", a simple and efficient solution to your problems of reed assembly. Click on his name to go to his web site in France.

Fagotriet in the Netherlands  For professional handmade bassoon reeds, played by professional players in the main European Orchestra's please look here. Then click on either English or Netherlands.You can listen to Audun Halvorsen play on his bassoon. Marvelous!

The Double Reed Shop Gail Warnaar has a new web site showing THE OLD HOMESTEAD and Double Reed Shop. A wonderful vacation spot and supplier of double reed stuff. 

Carlos Coelho Carlos runs an oboe shop in Indianapolis, Indiana. He studied at the Loree factory and sells and repairs Loree instruments. He also speaks many languages.

OBOES. US  Peter Hurd buys, sells and repairs oboes and other woodwinds.

Easy Music Pieces for oboe This company in England has some interesting music for beginning oboe students. You can listen to some on their web site.

Jinju Carlson  This is a new bassoon reed business website. Check him out.

Boston Double Reed, Inc. Chikao Inomata is a doublereed repairman and sells oboe accessories. He is located on Kelton street in Allston, MA 02134

Ray Pizzi Woodwind Specialist, Concert Performer, Composer, Arranger, Educator. Listen to samples of Ray Pizzi playing "Unique Bassoon and Woodwind Quintet Music." You will need a little time to enjoy this remarkable entertainer.

Summer Reeds Josafat Jaime has a new reed business of hand made, professional quality bassoon reeds. He also has gouged, shaped and profiled bassoon cane. 

Bassoon Reeds Janiak  Sylwester Daniel Janiak, Bassoonist with the Lower Silesian Opera - Poland. He makes electrical machines to profile bassoon cane.
E-Mail: admin@bassoon.pl

Reedmaker Kerry Willingham retired from the US Army Field Band in Washington, DC and is producing HANDMADE oboe and E. Horn reeds. Kerry now also makes reed wrapping machines like the ones I used to make.

Reed cases by Roger Garrett  Professor Roger Garrett is the clarinet instructor at Illinois Wesleyan and is making some interesting double reed cases for oboe and bassoon reeds.

SA ROSAS S.A. Eduardo Macedo has a company in Portugal that produces cork for woodwind and brass instruments.

TrevCo. Music Trevor Cramer is a bassoonist, arranger, publisher and composer. This is an interesting site.

Malarskey Woodwinds Steve Malarsky, an oboist, has 36 years of experience in oboe repair. His site is still under construction but you can get access information.

RBH Bocals Robin Howell makes all needed doublereed bocals in Toronto, Canada. He also sells Christlieb bassoon reed blanks and finished bassoon reeds he makes himself.

Making Oboe Reeds Joseph Shalita has written an interesting and informative book on how to make and adjust oboe reeds.

Crispen's Creations David Crispin plays oboe and makes fine jewelry and many items for double reed players.

Jennifer Ownby  Listen to Jennifer play on her web site. Sound is beautiful, intonation is wonderful and technique is awesome.

Bel Canto Reeds  Kim and Frank Wangler of Potsdam University have a new business making bassoon reeds.

Ets. Rigotti Franco Rigotti is a major cane supplier in France.

Van Cott Information Services, Inc. Gary Van Cott: Many important double reed books.

Oboe Stuff  Robert Lemon has a unique collection of oboe reeds, cane and most every tool and oboist might need.

Johnny Paul's Music Shop   Jeanan and Johnny Paul specialize in double reed repairs in the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas area.

Herzberg Projects Norman Herzberg has created some beautiful and creative tools for shaping and profiling bassoon cane.

Kirker Bassoon Repair Jim Kirker is an excellent bassoon repairman.

Untch Oboe Reeds Michael Untch has written a book about making oboe reeds. Check it out!

Hannah  Brewer Hannah sells new and used oboe and English horns. David Weber preps all instruments she sells.

MKL Reeds Maryn Leister sells hand made oboe reeds for both students and professional oboists.

Woodwind Specialist  Lorrie Berkshire Brown, Rep. and authorized technician for T. W. Howarth of London. Repairs and appraisals.

Mathew Peacemen You can listen to Mathew play with a most beautiful sound.  

Reeds 'n Stuff Udo Heng, Principal Opera oboist in Annaberg/Germany. Sells tools and supplies and double reed making machines.

Sarl Alliaud Roseaux Alliaud French Oboe and English Horn Tube Cane

Marion Whittow , Oboist, author, cartoonist, UK

CALEFAX A unique, professional, European woodwind quintet. You can download some of their recordings. 

Bremer Bassoon reeds Joop Bremer - the newest entry into the small group of professional reed makers. He uses diamond gouging and profiling machines.

Music and Vision An interesting double reed article written by Jennifer Paull

RDG Woodwinds (AKA Gilbert's) 50 years of selling major woodwind instruments and accessories

Puchner Manufacture of Bassoons, Contrabassoons, Oboes, Oboes d'amore, English Horns, Clarinets (German system)

Gonzalez Double Reeds Argentina, Pablo Gonzalez, Oboist and cane grower

Heckel Bassoons Heckle Bassoon Factory

Edmund Nielsen Woodwinds, Inc. , Complete line of tools & supplies

Charles Double Reed Co.  Complete line of tools & supplies

McFarland Double Reed Shop New & Used Oboes & E.H., Supplies & Repairs

David Weber Weber Oboe Reeds & reedmaking video

Marsha Taylor Taylor & Associates Double Reeds

Anne Hodge Double Reed Supplies Reeds, cane and supplies

Rigoutat  Rigoutat Oboes France

Howarth of London T. W. Howarth & Co., Ltd. Great Briton

OboeWorks Repairs and Sales

Advantage-USA Reeds, tools and supplies

Chartier Reeds Wholesale only Oboe and Bassoon reeds

AMORIS INTERNATIONAL Jennifer Paull Oboe d'Amore

Nora Post Oboes & English Horns

Music Trader  Lars Kirmser,  Repair Oboe & Bassoon

Linton Woodwinds  Jack Linton

BG  Franck Bichon s.a.r.l. Straps & Accessories, France

Boosey & Hawkes Buffet & Schreiber

YAMAHA Oboe & Bassoons

Early Double Reed Service Keith E. Loraine, Reeds & tools

Georg Rieger Gmbh Reedmaking machines, tools & cane. Germany

GLOTIN Ezanville, France  Reeds and Cane

Mark Chudnow Woodwinds . Loree and MCW Oboes. Complete line of accessories.

Jeanne-Inc Valarie Jeanne Anderson, Oboe shaper tips, gouging machines and accessories of all kinds.

 Forrests Music  The Double Reed Specialists

Carlos Oboe Carlos E. Coelho

Miller Marketing Co. Justin Miller, Bassoons, cane, tools, etc. 

FHRED Support devices for Oboe and English Horn

Covey Oboes Paul Covey, Ginger Ramsay  

Wichita Band Instrument Co. Oboes and bassoons

International Music Suppliers Des Plaines, Illinois



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WASHINGTON MUSIC CENTER If they don't have it, you don't need it!

Wichita Band Instrument Service

Cygnet Art prints & t-shirts for double reed musician

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